Victora Ruse




    The question would be, "what hasn’t Victoria Ruse done in her short lifetime?" An amazing young woman who has purportedly assisted a world renowned surgeon in emergency open heart surgery where only a Swiss Army knife and flashlight was available to them. She has written a novel, screenplays, plays for theatre, poetry, and short stories. She speaks four languages and more when she's drunk.

In 1995, she graduated UCLA with honors, lots of them. She also holds a Master’s in Creative Writing from Boston University. Her full length play, "100 Millenniums" was recently produced at the Boston Playwright’s Theater.

This last summer it was rumored that she led a safe sex demonstration for a group of White House interns. According to Victoria, "W" wanted to know what sex was and wondered if a Congressional Panel should be formed to investigate it. She explained to him "that Congress was well acquainted with sex and no panels were necessary."

She has lived in Paris and Florence but claims that Los Angeles is still the most foreign place of all. Victoria has personally pasted tiny tropical flowers on a Rose Bowl float celebrating Carmen Miranda.

Although Victoria has done a lot in her short but eventful life we think the best thing Victoria has ever done is consent to join us as one of the multi-talented writers for THE RAINBOW REVUE.

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