Singin' the Song II

Ronn Jones Jackie Moreno Garrett Bell  Darryl David


 - Ronn Jones - 



Ronn Jones (singer-actor-dancer) started his theatrical career in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale Florida, where he trained at both The Atlantic Foundation for the Performing Arts & Act One Performing Arts Academy. Aside from being the "class clown", and amusing friends and family alike, he followed his destiny to become an entertainer. Since those humble beginnings, he's thrilled audiences in such shows as "Guys & Dolls," "The Music Man," "Damn Yankees," and "The Roar Of The Greasepaint . . . The Smell Of The Crowd."

If you didn't blink, you might recognize Ronn from the movie "Police Academy 5" or his television appearances on "Miami Vice" and "Equal Justice". Since moving to Los Angeles, crowds have been treated to his vocal stylings at local cabarets such as The Rose Tattoo and The Gardenia, an odd assortment of weddings, parties, and Bar Mitzvah's...on stage in "Kiss Me Kate"...a TV movie of the week with Connie Seleca & Gregory Harrison called "The Stalking"...or virtually any place with an Audience! Ronn has even garnered and amused fans internationally, touring the USA and Canada in the wildly popular "Riverboat Ragtime Revue." 

From "Riverboat Ragtime Revue" to THE RAINBOW REVUE we're glad that Ronn made it here.


 - Jackie Moreno - 



Jackie Moreno is a proud young Latina lesbian woman. She loves to sing. She sings beautifully in Spanish and English. Her voice has power and lilt. Jackie's cites her only inspiration as being Selena.  "I can relate to everything about her.", she says. 

Recently, Jackie completed her course work at the Los Angeles Film School and directed her first music video. Whether in front of the camera, on stage, or directing the action, Jackie has a wonderful star quality that shines.  She is a great asset to THE RAINBOW REVUE and we can hardly wait to start working with her.


 - Garrett Bell - 



Garrett is originally from the small town of Sandwich, Mass. He first got his taste of music and the theater in high school. While attending College in Westfield Massachusetts, he became a member of the Musical Theater Guild. Garrett's has played Conrad Birdie it the of production of "Bye Bye Birdie," and Roger in "Grease." He was also the Lead Dancer/Choreographer in "Best Little Whore House in Texas."

After receiving his degree in Business Management he was cast as a performer and tour guide at Disney in Orlando, Florida. Wanting a better life than "hangin’ wit Goofy," Garret headed west and eventually arrived in Hollywood, California.

Since arriving here in LA he has pursued, with some success, work in TV and Film. As it goes for much of the talent in LA, Garrett is always seeking to test his talent and spread his wings. We have plenty of room for Garret to fly with THE RAINBOW REVUE.


 - Darryl David -  



Darryl David, "cowboy singer," started life as Darryl David Diehr, pronounced "dear," so there is no mystery as to why he dropped his surname. Darryl was born in Reno, NV. He has lived in Michigan, Kentucky and Texas. Eventually, he wound up in Las Vegas where he attended high school and performed frequently in the choral and drama departments.

He grew up in group homes, foster homes and the homes of estranged relatives, or is it "strange relatives," we all have a few of those. He sang in his first rodeo at the age of eight. While visiting Montana a few years ago he was encouraged to sing like a cowboy instead of a country singer. He says, "the thought of being hog tied right there on stage crossed my mind, but I cowboyed up, and sang." He evidently "knocked their boots off" and he says, "from that moment on I knew that I was destined to be a cowboy singer."

He says he owes a lot to the International Gay Rodeo Association for their continued support of his career. Then  we owe them some thanks too because their support helped in bringing Darryl to THE RAINBOW REVUE. Thanks y’all.


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