Ralph Lucas








Ralph Lucas is a very funny guy. He proudly announces on his resumé that he can do anything. Mostly comedic in nature, Ralph is well known as Detective Anton Varescu in the popular interactive dinner theater show, "Dial M Murder Mysteries."

He is very proud of his Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire impressions from "The Bandwagon." "I play both parts," he explains. He confesses that his Cyd Charisse kicks have gotten a little less flashy but that his Fred Astaire is still, "right on."

Ralph has written two screenplays that were made into films, "The Planet of the Dinosaurs" and the thriller, "The Child."  Most recently, he has written the libretto for the musical version of "Little Women" which is slated to open on Broadway next year.

One of Ralph’s goals is, "to bring some class to gay theatre and films." His solution is to write an intellectual gay porno film - Emile Zola Goes Leather.

In the meantime while Ralph is looking for just the right star for his newest film, in joining the writing staff of THE RAINBOW REVUE, he has already begun to class up this theatre company. "Thanks Ralph, somebody had to do it."

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