Ok, I'll admit it . . . I was somewhat apprehensive to attend the opening night performance of "The Rainbow Revue" at the Ivar Theatre.  Initially just hearing the name, "The Rainbow Revue" conjured up images of overweight, middle-aged, ex-chorus boys, in multi-colored spandex shorts, still trying to work it in a Rockette kick-line.  What I experienced was an amazing show like no other.  A show that truly celebrates the rich diversity of our community...the diversity of our world.

Heralded as the "Vaudeville for the New Millennium" under the direction of Kevin Vavasseur, and the leadership of head writer Chrisanne Eastwood, (who's also in the show and is one funny bitch!) the talented, all gay and lesbian ensemble of singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians effortlessly piece together 40 acts drawn from the plethora of gay, lesbian bisexual, and transgendered community.  "The Rainbow Revue is sort of like 'The Carol Burnett Show' meets 'Laugh-in' meets 'Saturday Night Live'" explains Matt Gatson, "and is performed by a powerhouse, Broadway-worthy cast of 40 acts that could easily fill a night of theater. From start to finish, The Rainbow Revue bombards the audience with non-stop entertainment."

Completing the spectrum is the sexy, "Fosse-esque," choreography of Bart Doerfler, in stand-outs numbers "Love for Sale" and the very homo-erotic "Lluvia Sensual", leaving the audience panting for more.


Marcus Knight for "fab."

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