For Immediate Press Release:

Write on! Head writer & staff writers onboard for RR!!

November 11, 2001 - West Hollywood, CA 

Rainbow Revue Enterprises, Inc., announces the hiring and appointment of the writers for "The Rainbow Revue." Chrisanne Eastwood will lead the scribes as the show’s head writer. She is currently on hiatus from the hit HBO show, "Arli$$."

Her writing team is made up of three other writer/performers. Ralph Lucas, David Muller and Vanessa Roveto. They represent three individuals with their own sense of comedy, ideas and techniques. "They are a tremendously diverse and talented group," says creator and producer Matt Gatson.

Rainbow Revue Enterprises, Inc, a Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgendered focused company was founded in August 2001. Its first production, "The Rainbow Revue," is a live variety show made up of L/G/B/T talent and is scheduled to debut next spring in Los Angeles.

"We have a vision of offering a road, a path, in which L/G/B/T talent can shine without the stigma or burden of pretense about their sexual orientation or gender identification." According to Gatson, "It is about offering quality entertainment from talented comics, singers, dancers and musicians that are a part of our community at the level of any of the great entertainers of our times."


970 Palm Avenue, Suite 104, West Hollywood, CA 90069-4034

Telephone: 310/652-2256, Fax: 310/652-2464


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