For Immediate Press Release:

Auditions complete! A production is in progress!!

October 8, 2001 - West Hollywood, CA

Rainbow Revue Enterprises, Inc., announces the completion of auditions for the Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgendered talent focused company. The company’s producer, directors and staff auditioned nearly one hundred acts in three days. Its first production, scheduled to debut next spring, will be a live variety show entitled, "The Rainbow Revue."

At the close of auditions on Sunday evening, the show’s Creator and Producer, Matt Gatson, was heard to exclaim, "whew!, so much talent, so little time."

Kuan-Yu (Ken) Chen, the show’s Musical Director was very pleased with the musical talent that turned out to audition. The show will eventually have a pit orchestra of eight to ten musicians. Each one of them are solo performers in their own right.

"It is about more than a Variety Show and entertainment," Gatson says, "We have a vision of offering a road, a path, in which L/G/B/T talent can shine without the stigma or burden of pretense about their sexual orientation or gender identification. Our goal is to present quality entertainment by talented comics, singers, dancers and musicians from the L/G/B/T community at the level of any of the great entertainers of our times."

Within the Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Transgendered community there is a plethora of diverse talent that consists of writers, comics, singers, dancers and musicians. Rainbow Revue’s goal is to bring these individuals to light within the context of a Variety Show that highlights their talents and presents them to the L/G/B/T and non L/G/B/T community.


970 Palm Avenue, Suite 104, West Hollywood, CA 90069-4034

Telephone: 310/652-2256, Fax: 310/652-2464



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