Playin' The Music I

Charleen Spain Benjamin Bundt JD Sebastian Georgia Gonzales


 - Charleen Spain -  

Drums & Percussion



   Biographical information being transmitted by drums.  We'll translate and relate via THE RAINBOW REVUE web site as soon as we receive and decode those crazy beats and that great rhythm. 



 - Benjamin Bundt - 

  Musical Director - Composer/Arranger/Guitar  

Musician, poet, songwriter and guitar teacher, Benjamin Laurence Bundt is a Southern California native who has recently returned to the Los Angeles area to pursue his musical aspirations. 

Educated at the University of Pennsylvania and the internationally acclaimed Berklee College of Music, his influences range from American roots music and Jazz standards to classical guitar.

In recent years, the American Song form has captured his imagination and he has honed his craft performing with various Jazz vocalists and singer-songwriters around town.

Benjamin's finesse on the guitar's fret board is music to our ears here at THE RAINBOW REVUE and we welcome him to the band!


- JD Sebastian -  Link 

Musical Director - Keyboards/Guitar/Trumpet





JD Sebastian is the musician's musician.  Trained in the classics, influenced by Jazz and Rock, JD continually awes us with his versatility, creativity and skill.  For more information on JD please click on THE RAINBOW REVUE link above.


Georgia Gonzales




Wow! What a great trombone player. Just by happenstance, Georgia was given a trombone to play in the grade school orchestra. She asked for a trumpet and the rest is history. Iíve been told she just had too much fun with the slide.

Seventeen years later after various orchestras,  jazz bands, marching and concert bands, and yes, even Top 40 bands she has landed herself here among us at THE RAINBOW REVUE. "Welcome M. Georgia Gonzales, you bring not only the slide but the swing too!"

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