Meet & Greet




The Digital Soldiers, Vocal Artists,  chat with
Creator and Producer, Matt Gatson.


Head writer Chrisanne Eastwood laughs it up with fellow
comics Martin Kunz, Zena Camblin and David Pavao.










Looks as though something has caught the attention of
Louis Chang and Ken Chen, "Friends of THE RAINBOW REVUE."




A bird's eye view.

David McNutt, Singer, and Carmella Nudo,
Comic, yuk it up with each other.
Also pictured, Victoria Ruse, Writer,
David Muller #67, Writer, and Cowboy Singer,
Darryl David.


Show Host Charley Geary and Singer Garrett Bell meet
for the first time. Also pictured; Tom Quinn, Talent &
Theatrical Coordinator, Kevin Vavasseur, Director,
and Singer, Jackie Moreno


The cast & crew of THE RAINBOW REVUE wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

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