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JD Sebastian, like most musicians, is a hybrid. He is a self professed computer geek with a lot of musician thrown into the mix. Born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, JD's life was completely about jazz piano and trumpet. In his high school senior year he won a state wide competition in Ohio's High School Jazz Band Festival as Overall Best Musician. For that competition he performed jazz solos on both piano and trumpet. The prestigious award was connected to a full scholarship at the Berklee College of Music, in Boston, MA.

After attending Berklee for one year he decided to go back to the Buckeye State and attend Ohio State University. He also attended Kentucky Christian College. Eventually, JD earned a degree in computer engineering at the Computer Learning Center in Los Angeles, CA.

JD played professionally as a jazz pianist from the age of fourteen through his early thirties. As it is for most musicians, he found the nightclubs, weddings and other events he played for to be financially un-fulfilling as a career. He eventually fell back on his love of computers, programming and engineering so that he may eat and have a roof over his head. Meanwhile, he continued his pursuit of music while integrating it into his computer career.

JD's primary focus has been Contemporary Christian Music. However, it has evolved with his coming out process as a gay man into more of something that JD describes as "Gay Christian Pride" music. As a part of his musical gay spirituality journey, JD teamed up with several singers and produced his first album, "We Are Free." It can be found on his company's website, JoyfulPride.

As a songwriter, JD has a backlog of nearly one hundred songs not yet recorded. He comments, "There is not enough time in the day." JD continues to write between two to four songs every month, mostly Christian worship and gay pride songs.

In recent times the guitar has emerged as JD's favorite instrument and greatest passion.

JD is our pride as THE RAINBOW REVUE'S Key Musician.


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