David Muller








Fractured Fairy Stories . . . Once upon a time a little boy just four years old sat in front of a large television set. His mother had just turned on "The Price Is Right." The screen flickered with flashing lights, colors, shiny prizes and excited contestants. After a period of time the boy turned to his mother and said, "where do they make that?" "Why Davie," said his mother, "they make that in Hollywood." From that moment forward, David Muller spent the next nineteen years getting here to Hollywood.

While traveling the path to THE RAINBOW REVUE, David stopped to be a door-to-door solicitor, a teacher, drama specialist, and psychic friend!

David is a scholar, he has studied all over the world and finally completed the most recent portion of his education in political science at the University of Judaism in Bel Air, California.

A writer of extraordinary talent, energy and focus, David sets out to discern the most minute detail of any given situation and find humor in it. He explains, "when it comes to the quagmire that we find ourselves in today it is important that quality entertainment be available as a balance to the seriousness of our situation."

After all, laughter is the best medicine and if itís up to David, there will be plenty of medicine to go around here at THE RAINBOW REVUE.

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