Digital Soldiers




Entering their fifth year of performing as a synth-pop vocal group, Digital Soldiers have evolved from a modest, relatively unknown pop band into a "must see" act. Currently, the group is touring in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Digital Soldiers came together in the summer of 1993 when Marss, a vocalist/songwriter and Mark Ortega, also known as Iowa, a jazz and classically trained keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter, met through a mutual friend. Both are openly gay and were looking for a way to express themselves through their music.

When they met, their musical chemistry was instant. Armed with a collection of original songs, two keyboards and a drum machine, the duo set out to form a band fashioned after their musical heroes Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and The Communards. When it came time to hit the road for live shows, Marss contacted his high school friend and diva, Paula Flowers. At that moment the Digital Soldiers' sound evolved utilizing rich three-part harmony and full backing vocals. Their unique style of songwriting and their experimental sound evoked memories of 80's synth-pop groups and 70's disco, which come together in a modern dance groove.

We are pleased to be able to present to you "Digital Soldiers" as a featured guest artists for THE RAINBOW REVUE.

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