Our Dancers!!

   (in no order, baby)


Alex Chang Ellys Cortez Carlos Carreras Sari Thomas
Christina Woodward Melissa Oti  Michael Colby William Thompson


Alex Chang

They hop . . .

Ellys Cortez

they bop . . .


Carlos Carreras

they move . . .


Sari Thomas

they groove . . .

Christina Woodard

they twist . . . 

Melissa Oti 

they swing . . .

Michael Colby

they turn . . .

& they burn . . . hot baby . . . really, really hot


William Thompson



Mr. William Thompson has been acting since age eleven. His first musical was "The Wizard of Oz" in which he played Toto.  "Only kidding folks!"  With musicals comes dancing and William excels!

Tall and lanky Mr. T spends a lot of time going to auditions.  "I fit a certain type."  When we spoke with him, not too long ago, he had just been to an audition. "They told me I wasn't dorky enough," he said with a smile, "look at me."  "Sheesh!!"

He spends a lot of his time practicing his dancing skills at events, parties, clubs and raves.  He is shy but when pressed, he will admit to having groups of fans that are active in the club and rave scenes.

Frankly, William Thompson has a few fans here at THE RAINBOW REVUE.


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