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Martin Kunz    Carmela Nudo    Dick Post


 - Martin Kunz - 



Martin Kunz, a native New Yorker, spent his formative years in Queens. He earned his BS in Natural Resource Management from Cornell. The career path was obvious...waiter. After moving to Orlando to escape the cold, he achieved such acting milestones as 987 murder mystery dinner shows and numerous theme park extravaganzas. Feeling creatively peaked, Martin decided to take that huge jump to Tinsel Town and play with the big kids.

After a stunning extra performance in American Pie 2, "what a beautiful shoulder you have Martin." he was called to audition for us.  Once again, another absolutely fabulous performance from Martin. We were convinced his other body parts had talent too.  Our choice was obvious . . .

We wish to welcome Martin to  THE RAINBOW REVUE.


 - Carmela Nudo - 




And so, Miss Carmella Nudo had just recently landed in LA from Chicago's Second City Comedy Troup.  "I will do stand-up anywhere and everywhere that has a microphone and at least one ear."  This is evidently the Nudo creed.  Well Miss Nudo, you can have two microphones and bunches of ears right here with us at THE RAINBOW REVUE.


 - Dick Post - 




Born and raised in troubled times; blackouts, troops and tanks marching through town. Stars in windows represented sons at war. The second World War. Dick's creative child's imagination ran rampant. He gave hundreds of puppet shows for the neighborhood. When he realized he was "homosexual", his opinion was that it hardly fit this macho-patriotic world. 

A lifetime secret sentence. Get out of town. Many towns. Homophobia can travel you to many locations. Finally, in 1962, Hollywood, California. Dick worked at the Red Raven, the most successful gay bar of its time. Soon the local gendarme would come and close the club. Eventually, he went safely toward the coast, to West Hollywood. His ilk's claim? AIDS, booze, drugs, and survival. Mr. Post thinks of "The Rainbow Revue," as a gay USO show. 

Here at THE RAINBOW REVUE we think Dick is right on!


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