Bart Doerfler





Following his featured performance in 1999's critically lauded production of "The Boys From Syracuse" for Reprise!, Bart has spent the better part of the year 2000 supporting teen-sensation Mandy Moore in music videos and with her ongoing world tour.  He has also mounted several shows for Irwin Productions, a two hundred dancer event for ESPN, as well as a show for the millennium, which will be recreated in Las Vegas this year.

Over the last few years, Bart's extensive training has served him well as a performer, choreographer and assistant choreographer in television, music videos and commercials.  In addition, Bart is the creative force behind several successful stage events in Reno and Las Vegas, including over the top productions of "Eclipse," and "Country Fever." "Aireus," another one of Bart's shows, has been awarded the Nevada Theatrical Entertainment Award for Best Choreography and Best Show two years in a row.

Bart's most recent work includes choreographer for "The American Comedy Awards," on Comedy Central and the new FOX television show, "Gregg the Bunny."

We are tremendously pleased that Bart has come to enable all of us to "dance & groove" at THE RAINBOW REVUE.


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